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Troyee Accounting & Inventory Software

Troyee-Enterprise is designed to improve the efficiency across all departments of the enterprise. This allows the management to design and implement effective and strategic business decisions. Troyee-Enterprise vanquishes the old standalone computer system in Finance, HR, Manufacturing, and Warehouse and replaces them with a single prolific enterprise resource solution. As because it targets maximum returns on business investment, Troyee-Enterprise is a requirement for any futuristically aligned Business Entity.

General Ledger: Chart of Accounts, Unlimited hierarchies, Current and prior year enquiries, Transactional enquiries, Ad hoc journals, Recurring & Reversing journals, Group Structures, Financial Statements, Standard drill relationships, System wide reporting tools.

Production & Planning: Contract Maintenance, Job Maintenance, Labour, revenue, stock, cost transactions, Work in progress, Budget reporting, Valuations and retention, Memo facility, Comprehensive reporting system.

Accounts Payable: Invoice Entry and Registration, Flexible Authorization Control, Settlement Discount facilities, Cash Auditing, Bank Reconciliation, Control of Payment Advances, Supplier details, Aged Creditor analysis, Multi Currency handling.

Procurement & Material Management: Identification and Valuation, Instant access to information, Efficient stock replenishment, Flexible management policies, Multi-site location management, Transaction analysis, Quality control, Stock disposition and valuation, Movement analysis, Stock status enquiry & reporting.

Accounts Receivable: Reminder letters, Individual Credit terms and controller, Aged Debtor analysis, Multiple Currency handling, Individual Bank details, Cash receipt analysis, Full Integration with other modules.

Sales & Distribution: Customer focused, Compact order capture system, Order status enquiry and reporting, Delivery lead-time tracking, Invoices, delivery and shipping notes, Pricelist management, Discount lists, Cost of sales analysis, Sales analysis reporting.

Human Resources: Applicant Tracking, Salary History, Job/Position History, Performance Appraisals, Skills Inventory, Job Requirements, Education/Training, Certification Records.

Customer Relationship Management: Manage an unlimited number of contacts, All customer interactions and History, Manage a pipeline of opportunities from lead to close, Forecast revenue and cash flow, Track lead sources for contacts and opportunities.

Configuration Resources & Controls: Fully customizable configurations, Calendars and Scheduling, Reporting and analysis, Word Processing, Fax and Email.

Security: Profile based user access, Encrypted passwords, Security sub-administrators, Maximum number of attempts of login.

Major Modules: General Ledger & Cash Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales & Dstribution, Procurement & Material Management.

Implementation & Integration Services: Implementation Planning Study, Risk Analysis, Project Plan blueprint
-Business Review
-Technology Review
-Implementation Report
-Post Implementation Review

Site Audit, Integration Services, Project Upgrade Service

Optional Modules: Production Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource.