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About Us

Best Business Bond Ltd. (3BL): AT A GLANCE
Founded in 2003, 3BL has built its success around the development of a core product called Troyee-Business Solutionware, which encompasses innovative solutions in Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Business Analysis, and Decision Support Systems. Today, the company has emerged at the forefront in the development of Business Accounting solutions with an established support service system spanning all over the country with a clientele of more than 6000 (Six Thousand). Other than Troyee-Accounting-Inventory package software, 3BL also deals with all sorts of customized software.

Troyee puts complete business administration into your hands covering the whole spectrum of functions in the field of Accounting, Inventory, MIS, and Human Resources, and adding greater efficiency, speed, customizability, and security. Troyee leaves behind the traditional “Accounting Package” to give you a lethal arsenal of Business tools. 

3BL, as one of the leading information technology companies in Bangladesh offers a broad spectrum of service portfolios in the domain of IT consultancy, enterprise applications, software development, infrastructure management, IT-enabled services, and outsourcing to help its clients nationwide to improve their business performance.

3BL, as a software company has a major focus on private service automation that rendered clients successfully in diverse fields and directly contributed to society and the country since 2003. The company now becomes one of the leading IT companies in Bangladesh where 30+ professionals are working. During more than seventeen years of journey in Bangladesh, 3BL has many major successful projects implemented in private sectors.

3BL has achieved lots of success in providing business solutions to major corporate houses and manufacturing industries, offering services through standard package software, ERP solutions, and SMS solutions, and guiding market place in getting more return on IT investment through its consultancy services.

In a Joint Venture form, 3BL has worked with KNJV for a JICA-funded Project for the Establishment of a Clearing House for Integrating the Transport Ticketing System in the Dhaka City Area.

Recently, 3BL has developed the VAT Management Software as per strict guidelines from NBR declared by the SRO-14/Mushak/2018; Date: September 11, 2018, and as per VAT & SD Act. 2012.


To generate value among all stakeholders


To become a nationwide respected information technology company in terms of quality, best practices, job environment, profitability, and social commitment

Corporate DNA

Innovate, integrate, differentiate

Business Domain

Software development,  ERP solutions & services, and IT-enabled services

Year of Establishment

November, 2003
(Registered with Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms)

Total Years of Experience

18+ years

Projects Rendered in Private Sectors



3BL has more than 25 professionals, among them, some are involved in pure development, some in implementation and others are in customer services

Technological Expertise

3BL has complete expertise and proven experiences working in Oracle Technology, Microsoft Technology, Open sources Platform, etc.

Industry Expertise

Trading,  Non-Trading/Non-Profit, Manufacturing service-providing companies & so on

Product Expertise

Software solutions for Financial Accounts and inventory, HR-Payroll, Provident Fund, Real Estate Management, Hotel Management, POS, etc.

Service Expertise

Software development, Customized solutions, System Integration and Communication, Customer Services 

Support Services

08 hours a day and 6 days a week; support issues (if any) required after office hours on weekends or in Govt. holidays are also addressed on special arrangements.


Service Excellence of 3BL

 ►the company that develops Product Software with a customization facility
 ►the company that delivers
off-the-shelf software products for different business verticals in economy prices
 ►the company whose success stories are well known to all BASIS, BCS, ISPAB & BACCO m
embers of the country
 ►the company that
provides Enterprise Solutions that support Multi-company, Multi-Branch, Multi-Location, and multi-currency facilities with multiple financial years.



Conceptual Understanding
3BL understands customer’s needs best. A full-fledged team of appropriately experienced professionals–is the key to our success in understanding customers’ requirements better than anyone across diverse environments.

Level of Expertise
3BL has the most technologically advanced human resources who have been working in the field of IT for many years with wide business solution experience.

Systematic Development Approach
Software development is one of the most complex tasks in the world. To produce any quality software, there is no alternative to a structured approach. The perfect route of structured development requires in-depth knowledge of the know-how and investment of both time and resources. 3BL has both the know-how and a big umbrella upon its head to support its quality ventures.

Sustainable Support
Any quality software means flexibility and must be equipped with a rich design for change management. Requirements of present software users may change in the course of time & will need to update the software. This is why; they need the software developer available to provide them with necessary modification support.


3BL Projects offers the following software development skills:

Programming language
C/C++, ASP.NET MVC, VB 6.0, VB.NET, PL/SQL, Shell programming, Java Script, J Query, VB Script, XHTML, etc.

.NET Framework

Server OS
Linux and Windows-based Server

Database product
Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MYSQL, etc.

An organization’s efficiency, profitability, and therefore, success depend on its ability to react to dynamic market conditions. Internally, this means instant access and distribution of information in a proactive manner at all relevant processes. Better applications and better integration
help organizations reach this goal through a streamlined work process, increased automation, and less error and downtime. 3BL’s Business Reengineering Services, quite literally, put the tools to compete right in your hands.

With complete software solutions, implementation and training, and sustainable support services - specifically tooled for a particular business nature get ready to meet the challenges of doing business in a competitive environment.

Associates and Business Partners
3BL currently has over 12 business partners/associates all over the country.


With – KNJV, Tokyo, Japan

A joint venture of Katahira & Engineers International (KEI) and NEC Corporation (NEC), Tokyo, Japan


JICA funded a project for Bangladesh “Establishment of Clearing House for Integrating Transport Ticketing System in Dhaka City Area”.

Package 1: Clearing House IT System (Main) and

Package 2: IC Card System for Small PTO using Sony FaliCa IC Card branded as RapidPass in Bangladesh.



Group of Companies

Textile, Garments & Apparel

Garments Labels & Accessories

Construction & Real Estate

Electronics Company


Tiles & Ceramics

Non-Profit Organization (NGO’s)

Computer Hardware


Food Industries

CNG Filling Stations


Fish Processing & Export

Travel Agency



Advertising & Printing

Educational Institute

Hospital, Clinics

Hotel & Restaurant

Buying House

Leather Industries

Service Providing Organization

Point of Sales (POS)

Sales & Distribution

Various Trading House

Various Manufacturing Companies

……and more……


Troyee-VAT Management Software (VMS) has been approved by NBR for the automation of VAT procedures of Manufacturing, Trading, and Service-providing companies. It is fully compliant with VAT & SD Act-2012 and bears the scope of adaptation of time to time changes of acts/rules etc. those would be done by NBR in the coming days.

Troyee-VMS supports multiple companies under one Group and reports (Mushaks & other reports) of all companies are generated separately. In addition, it has features of multiple branches or project facilities under each company and generates branch/project-wise all mushaks and other reports.

From July 2019 to July 2023 total number of clientele of Troyee-VAT Management software is 110 (One Hundred Ten).

Special Achievement with- Butterfly Marketing Limited (BML)

In collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. (PwC), on December 21, 2020, 3BL signed a tripartite agreement with Butterfly Marketing Limited (BML) to automate their VAT requirements by Troyee-VAT Management Software.

This contract will be executed with Butterfly Marketing Limited (parent company) and will cover-

VAT automation of Butterfly Marketing Limited (BML), Butterfly Manufacturing Company Limited (BMCL), and Butterfly Industries Limited (BIL).
Number of BIN - 03 (three)
Number of Manufacturing Locations - 01 (One)
Number of Warehouses - 11 (Eleven)
Number of Sales Centers – 230 (Two Hundred Thirty)

Mushak 6.3 & Mushak 6.5 will be processed in real-time across the warehouses & sales centers through integration with the BML’s existing ERP Software (SAP).

The project is ongoing and now at the UAT (User Acceptance Test) phase.

Achievement with PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.)

PwC officials visited our office, and invited us to visit their office to make a presentation of the software; during the presentation at PwC’s office, they appreciated the interface arrangement of the software and also the dashboard style entry & report screens; and found to meet PwC’s requirements for VAT automation; in response to our detail proposal, they confirmed to go with Troyee-VAT Management Software; Now, regularities are in process to issue work order.

Another Achievement with- Meghna Group of Industries (MGI)

In July 2019 Meghna Group of Industries started the installation and implementation of Troyee-VAT Management Software for its different units of manufacturing and trading activities. Till October 2022, the total number of deployments is as follows:
Number of Units (BIN) - 22 (Twenty Two)
Number of Branches/Locations - 112 (One Hundred & Twelve)
Number of Users - 325 (Three Hundred & Twenty Five)