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Troyee Eye Hospital Management ERP

Detail Features of Troyee Eye Hospital Management ERP

Scope of the Module Troyee Eye Hospital Management ERP

This module is contents of five (05) sub-modules, namely:

  1. Master
  2.  OPD Information
  3.  IPD Information
  4.  Optic Shop Information
  5.  Hospital Performance Report



Room Type, Room Configure, Counter, Bed Information, Doctor Specialization, Shift Configure, Doctors Information, Voucher Type, Measurement Unit, Optic Item, Investigation Name, Investigation Item Price


OPD Information:

Transaction: Patient Registration, Patient Investigation, Due Collection

Reports: Registration Form, Investigation Money Receipt, Register Details, Advance Register, Shift-Wise Collection, Voucher Details, Counter-Wise Report, OPD Patient Consulting, Monthly Investigation



Master: Package Group, Package Name, Package Item Price

Transaction: Package Configure, Patient Registration, IPD Due Collection, Indoor Investigation, Investigation due Collection, Re-Admission, Re-Admission Collection, Re-Admission Investigation, Re-Investigation Due Collection, Others Bill, Discharge

Reports: Patient Registration Charge, Investigation Money Receipt, Payment List, Daily Patient Collection, Due Collection, Admitted Patient List, Discharge List, Not-Discharge List, Discharge Register, Daily Item Register, Booking/Admission Surgery, Monthly Medical Report, Package Group Information, Follow-up


Optic Shop:

Transaction: Optic Shop, Due Collection, Delivery Order

Report: Daily Sales Report, Shift-wise Collection, Due Collection, Delivery Order

Tools: Credit Voucher, Daily Statistical