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VAT Management Software Features

Features as per VAT & SD Act. 2012

Purchase Module:

Supplier Group, Supplier with detailed information and register, Purchase Invoice (Local & Import), Purchase Register (Mushak-6.1)Purchase & Sales Register (Mushak-6.2.1), Purchase Return/Debit Note (Mushak-6.8)Purchase invoice more than Two Lac (Mushak-6.10), Purchase VAT configuration,  Purchase Register Report, Purchase VAT List,  Debit Note Register Report, Accounts Payables Report.
MIS Report: 
Statement of Local Purchase, Statement of Import Purchase, and Statement of L/C Wise Purchase.

Sales Module:

Customer Group, Customer with detailed information and register, Sales Representative Details, Sales Register (Mushak-6.2)Sales & Purchase Register (Mushak-6.2.1)Sales Invoice (Direct Export, Deemed Export & Local) Mushak-6.3, Sales Return/Credit Note (Mushak-6.7), Sales invoice more than Two Lac (Mushak-6.10), Sales VAT configuration, Sales Register Report, Credit Note Register Report, Accounts Receivables Report.

MIS Report: 
Statement of Local Sales, Statement of Export Sales, Statement of Latent Sales, Statement of Monthly Sales Payable.

Inventory/Stock Module:

Item creation (with HS code) Group/Category wise, Creation of Locations, Measurement Units, Batch/Log configuration, configuration Input Output Coefficient (Mushak-4.3)Application form for Disposal of Unused or Unusable Materials (Mushak-4.4), Application form for Merit Settlement damage or Destroyed in an accident (Mushak-4.5), Production Voucher, Issue Subcontract (Mushak-6.4),  Stock Transfer (Mushak-6.5), Stock Summary, Location-wise Stock Report, Stock Movement Analysis, Slow Moving & Fast Moving Item Register, Re-order Level & Minimum Level, Out of Stock Register, Item-wise Profitability, Store Ledger, Batch Report.
MIS Report: 
Item Wise Reconciliation Report, Group Wise Reconciliation Report, Item Wise Deviation Report.

Accounts Module:

Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Group Summary, Service Purchase Register (Mushak-6.1), Service Sales Register (Mushak-6.2) Service Bill (Direct Export, Deemed Export & Local) Mushak-6.3, VAT at source deduction certificate (Mushak-6.6), Credit Note (Mushak-6.7), Debit Note (Mushak-6.8), VAT Return (Mushak-9.1), Treasury Challan (TR Form 6), Diplomatic or International organization tax refund application (Mushak-10.1), Application for refund of VAT of Foreigners (Mushak-10.2), Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account/Income & Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet, Receipt & Payment Account, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Budget & Variance, Cost Center.
MIS Report: 
Statement of Local Service Purchase, Statement of Service Import Purchase, Statement of L\C wise Service Purchase, Statement of VAT Deduct At Source Payable, Monthly Revenue Statement Report.