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Troyee VAT Management Software Mushak

All Mushak As Per VAT & SD Act. 2012:
Mushak-4.1 (Advance VAT refund Application for import)
Mushak-4.3 (Input-Output Coefficient Declaration)
Mushak-4.4 (Application form for Disposal of Unused or Unusable Materials)
Mushak-4.5 (Application form for Merit Settlement damage or Destroyed in an accident)
Mushak-6.1 (Purchase Register for Purchase & Service)
Mushak-6.2 (Sales Register for Sales & Service)
Mushak-6.2.1 (Purchase & Sales Register for Traders)
Mushak-6.3 (VAT Challan for Sales & Service)
Mushak-6.4 (Issue Sub Contract)
Mushak-6.5 (Stock Transfer)
Mushak-6.6 (VAT at source deduction certificate)
Mushak-6.7 (Credit Note for Sales & Service)
Mushak-6.8 (Debit Note for Purchase & Service)
Mushak-6.10 (Purchase & Sales Invoice more than 2 Lac)
Mushak-7.1 (Application for Supplementary Duty Adjustment)
Mushak-9.1 (Return Submission)
Mushak-10.1 (Diplomatic or international organization tax refund application)
Mushak-18.1 (Application form for VAT Agent Certificate)
Mushak-18.2 (Application form for certified copies of documents)
Mushak-18.3 (Application form for VAT clearance certificate)
TR Form-6 (Treasury Challan)
  There are various MIS reports in monthly, quarterly or yearly basis in different modules



Mushak-4.3 Mushak-6.1 Mushak-6.2 Mushak-6.3
Mushak-6.6 Mushak-6.7 Mushak-6.8 Mushak-9.1 (Bangla)
Mushak-9.1 (English) MIS Report TR Form (6)



Mushak-6.1 Mushak-6.8 MIS Report



Sales-Mushak-6.2 Sales-Mushak-6.3 Sales-Mushak-6.7 MIS Report



Stock-Mushak-4.3 Stock-Mushak-4.4 Stock-Mushak-4.5 Stock-Mushak-6.4
Stock-Mushak-6.5 Stock-Mushak-6.5 (branch-wise)



Mushak-4.1 Mushak-6.2.1 Mushak-6.6 Mushak-6.10
Mushak-7.1 TR Form-6 Chak-KA Chak-KHA
Mushak-10.1 Mushak-18.1 Mushak-18.2 Mushak-18.3



Mushak-6.1 (Service) Mushak-6.2 (Service) Mushak-6.3 (Service) Mushak-6.6 (Service)
Mushak-6.7 (Service) Mushak-6.8 (Service)