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Software Sales-Training Implementation & Support

Types of Support Service for Standalone or Network Edition in LAN Environment.

1. Offsite support (Mail/Telephone/Desktop Sharing) as & when would be required.

2. Onsite support (Instant) as & when would be required.


Yearly Support Service Charge for Standalone or Network Edition in LAN Environment.

Yearly Support Service Charge for Standalone or Network Edition in LAN Environment Start after one month from the date of software installation.


Support service would be available through a yearly basis maintenance contract.

For single-user option: Tk. 10,000/= (Taka Ten Thousand)
For five user option: Tk. 15,000/= (Taka Fifteen Thousand) &
For 25 user option: Tk. 25,000/= (Taka Twenty Five Thousand) per year.
This is payable in advance for each service year and is renewable every year by mutual settlement.

Support service & maintenance contract would provide a guarantee for the general servicing of reasonable errors of operations of the supplied solution. The End User shall maintain and operate the software as per the general norms and rules of safe operation. The End User should also ensure that all preventive measures are undertaken as laid down or communicated to them from time to time. Support would be provided by way of Telephone, E-mail, Internet (Desktop sharing), or any other means of communications at the recorded & registered site(s) of the End User under all human conditions not later than 24 hours of receipt of a call. Subject to the availability of support experts, site support will normally be resorted to when all other means of correction and/or solution do not work. The End User shall at all times extend total co-operation in such activities. The support will be provided between 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours on working days. For outside Dhaka, in case of physical support, detailed costs for traveling, accommodation, food & other issues would be settled from case to case. This support service contract will not cover--
a) Data entry of any sort and manner by 3BL.

b) Training or Re-training to be given by 3BL to the End User or his representative involved due to change of earlier operator/s.
c) Replacement or correction of the materials that have been lost, stolen, damaged by accident or misuse, or modified or reverse-engineered.
d) Services arising directly or indirectly out of hardware problems or any error or incompatibilities or complication arising out of storage media problem or hardware malfunction or a virus attack etc. on the End User’s machine not directly related with the software.

NOTE: Wrong report generation due to wrong entry or incorrect reporting due to improper configuration of chart of accounts or chart of inventory is never under the coverage of any support contract.
(e) Other than Annual Support Service Contract (Case-to- Case Support Service) Other than an annual or monthly support service contract, further support services is also available only from 3BL SITE in all the working days between 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours. For such support service, Tk.3,000/= (Taka Three Thousand only) would be charged for each support occasion. On-line or on-site support service is not available in the situation of case-to-case support service.

NOTE: The End User shall at all times extend full co-operation in such activities.