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Software Sales, Training Implementation & Support

An organization’s efficiency, profitability, and therefore, success depend on its ability to react to dynamic market conditions. Internally, this means instant access and distribution of information in a proactive manner at all relevant processes. Better applications and better integration help organizations reach this goal through a streamlined work process, increased automation, and less error and downtime. 3BL’s Business Reengineering Services, quite literally, put the tools to compete right in your hands.

With complete software solutions, implementation and training, and sustainable support services - specifically tooled for a particular business nature get ready to meet the challenges of doing business in the competitive environment.

Assistance for Software Implementation

After the installation of the software, the Troyee implementation team will assist in the implementation of the software during or after each training session.  The time frame of software implementation completely will depend on your team. Your team will have to make entries of preliminary information of supplier and customer details with their opening balance of any cut-off date. Will also have to make entries of item details with their opening quantity and value. Or, all these data may be imported from MS Excel if those are ready as per VAT software format. Then, after making the required configuration in the software as per operation norms, final entries can be started. As all relevant reports & Mushaks are built-in in the software, will generate automatically. 

Training & Implementation

There will be 3 online training arrangements for the users for 03 sessions; this may be Individual or Group training and each session of 2/3 hrs. as per the prescribed training outline. Implementation assistance would be addressed during the training period.

Other than this structured training program of 2/3 sessions, users will have assistance over the telephone or online assistance by desktop sharing to mitigate all of their queries, confusion, etc. at all times within office hours (10:00 am to 6:00 pm). The training & implementation program is targeted to prepare & incorporate master data including manual operation processes in the software, to make the users familiar with entering different vouchers and to generate reports.

Onsite training & implementation program at the Ex-Head-Office Location (within a day trip) or Out Station Location (Requiring a Night Stay) is usually arranged as crash-program for 1/2 day(s). For this, it would require arranging transport or bearing costs for traveling, conveyance, accommodation, food, etc., and an Ex-Head-Office/Outstation cost in addition to training costs for the respective days.

Additional requirements for Training and implementation assistance in case of a change of users or attaining more expertise by the existing users may be arranged on a per-day basis payment modality.

Assistance for entry/import of backlog data & scrutiny of mismatches may also be arranged on a per-day basis payment modality. For faster implementation, we strongly recommend preparing lists of Account Heads (all Ledgers with opening balances), Accounts Groups, Stock Items (with quantity & rate), Stock Groups/Categories, Sales Prices, etc. in MS Excel.

Data Entry/Work Process Management & Report Generation

Data Entry and Work Process Management responsibilities will remain with your personnel. Based on actual data entered in the software, the standard report will be generated automatically and this may be checked by the company’s personnel with the assistance of the Troyee implementation team.

Terms of Maintenance, Support Services

Depending on the situation of price-hike in HR & others every year, the cost may vary from time to time and maybe settled every year on mutual discussion.

This Service Level Agreement would provide a guarantee for the servicing of Minor, Medium, Severe, and Fatal errors of operations. The End User shall maintain and operate the software as per the general norms and rules of safe operation. The End User should also ensure that all preventive measures are undertaken as laid down or communicated to them from time to time. The support will be provided between 09:00 hours to 18:00 hours on working days.

Support service would be provided by way of Telephone, E-mail, Internet (Desktop sharing), etc. at the recorded & registered site(s) of the End User. Site support would only be resorted when all other means of correction and/or solution do not work.  

Guaranteed Response and Resolution Times

Support issues raised by the customer would be addressed in a timely fashion maintaining standard response & resolve durations.

Response times

The response time would be measured by how long it takes by VAT FORUM team to respond to a support request raised by the customer. This may be in the form of an email or telephone call, to either provide a solution or request further information. Guaranteed response times would depend on the severity of the issue as shown in this table:


Issue severity (see below definition of Severity levels)







15 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes

60 minutes

Response times apply during standard working hours (9.00 am — 6.00 pm) only, unless the contract between the customer and VAT Forum specifically includes provisions for out-of-hours support.

Resolution times

The resolution time would be measured by how long it takes by Troyee Support team to resolve or fix an issue raised by the customer.


Issue severity (see below definition of Severity levels)







1-4 hours

1-6 hours

Best effort

Best effort

Guaranteed resolution times only apply when operations are affected by the most serious issues. In other situations, Troyee Support team shall make the best effort to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Resolution times apply during standard working hours (9.00 am — 6.00 pm) only, unless the contract between the customer and VAT FORUM specifically includes provisions for out-of-hours support.

Severity levels

The severity levels shown in the tables above are defined as follows:

Fatal: Complete degradation—all users and critical functions affected. Operations are completely unavailable.

Severe: Significant degradation—large number of users or critical functions affected. Operations are partly available.

Medium: Limited degradation—limited number of users or functions affected. Operations can continue.

Minor: Small degradation—few users or one user affected. Operations can continue.

These support service contracts do not cover—

Data entry of any sort and manner by our personnel
After prescribed training sessions, further training or re-training to be given by our personnel
Services arising directly or indirectly out of hardware problems or any incompatibility or complication arising from hardware/network malfunction or a virus attack etc. or end user’s mishandling of the application or mismatch in data/reports due to wrong data inputs which are not directly related to the software.